Q. What would affect the return of my Deposit?

A. Any damage to the property and/or its contents or additional cleaning can cause your deposit to be retained in part or whole.

Q. What would delay the return of my Deposit?

A. The speediest way to receive your return is to write on the check the property you stayed at the dates. Please note the Landlord can hold your Deposit for up to two weeks.

This will save time trying to find when, where and for how long you stayed and if we have questions we can reach you promptly.

Q. Are check-in/check-out times flexible?

A. These times are not flexible as outlined in your rental contract; however you can arrive earlier or depart later and leave your luggage in a safe place on the property without occupying the apartment.

Q. Who do I contact in case of an emergency?

A. If the emergency is life threatening and/or requires Emergency Services, please call 911.

If the emergency is more of “an inconvenience” please reach out to the contact on your contract or the person communicating with you about your stay.

Q. Where can I find extra linens and things?

A. Please request a day prior to arrival and we’ll gladly accommodate you.

Q. Someone is here to fix an item, should I let them in?

A. Your safety and comfort and is always paramount therefore we will always do our best to notify you if anyone is coming to fix anything. If needed, you can call the phone number provided to you to verify once more the person knocking is supposed to be there.

Q. Why should I recycle properly?

A. Portland recycles differently than almost any other city and if you don’t do it properly the City will not haul away the refuse and impose a fee on us.

We have recently installed signs/placards/decals to assist you in your recycling adventure!

Q. Do you have any affiliation to local businesses?

A. We have no affiliation to any businesses and any recommendations are simply given to provide you with a starting point to explore the city. We do not receive any benefits at all from any business we recommend to you during your visit. A recommendation is not an endorsement of the quality of service/products the business provides.

Q. Should I use the unsecured wireless network provided as convenience?

A. The internet is provided as a convenience and it is not part of the contract and it is unsecured. You are fully responsible for any information you choose to transmit via that medium.

Q. The modem in my apartment is annoying, can I unplug it?

A. The modem in the property serves you and other tenants; unplugging the device will turn off the internet for everyone. Please do not unplug it or turn it off as you’ll simply get a phone call to turn it back online.

Q. Can I have an item shipped to the property?

A. You may ship parcels to the property as long as the parcel arrives during your stay. We will not forward any parcels to you and will kindly return to the delivery company.

Q. Can I be refunded for any consumables left on the premises?

A. Any consumables (i.e. food, toiletries, alcohol, etc.) left on the premises will not be reimbursed/refunded at any rate to anyone.

Q. Will I get a discount for future stays?

A. While we run promotions for the property from time to time, we do not provide future stays discount. We do not keep your information on file therefore there isn’t a way to inform you of promotions.

Q. Why don’t you keep our information on file?

A. In order to protect you and us, we do not keep your information on file longer than its useful purpose. For instance, your valid Photo ID copy will be destroyed upon refunding your Deposit, your contract will be filed away upon taxes being filed, and so on.

Q. What is the purpose of providing a valid photo ID copy?

A. We strive to provide an excellent and convenient service to you and avoid fraud in the process. The valid photo ID copy is a way to verify the renter/payer is who they say they are and that no financial fraud is being committed. This protects you and us from fraudulent charges.

The copy of your ID is promptly shredded upon the return of your Deposit which may take up to two weeks to be returned to you.

Q. Where can I find TV/Cable/Satellite instructions?

A. Instructions can be found on the entertainment center, right next to the TV.

Q. The internet is not working and I don’t know how to “power-cycle” the modem/router, how do I get it to work?

A. Power-cycle is simply unplugging the device from its electric source and waiting up to 35 seconds and plugging it back in. Please unplug power from the modem and router wait up to 35 seconds before plugging back in. this should fix the problem.

Q. Can I see a copy of what the contract looks like?

A. A copy of the contract is attached here for your review. Please do not use this contract to enter into a rental agreement with us. A contract will be provided to you.


Q. How do I know what section of the city am I in?

A. Portland is quite easy to navigate and the direction of the street, avenue, etc. will tell you in which area you are in.

For more information on how the city is divided and how to get around, please visit this page http://www.portlandbridges.com/portland-neighborhoods/01-navigate.html

Q. Why can’t I pay via Paypal or Credit Card?

A. While these methods of payment may be more convenient, they require a transaction fee. Paypal charges 4% and credit cards charge between 2% and 4% per transaction. We avoid these forms of payments in order to keep the prices low on the rental property and not pass this fee along to you.

Q. Why is the Deposit via check?

A. The check will not be cashed and/or deposited unless there is an issue and is promptly returned/destroyed within two weeks. Please note that purchasing any other time of insurance during your visit is not in lieu of providing us with the rental Deposit.

Q. Where can I Park?

A. Parking is only on the street but certain areas of the city require a permit. If you are staying in the Alphabetical District please request a Parking Permit a day in advance.

Q. I forgot to return the Parking Permit, will the cost be deducted from the Deposit?

A. The full cost plus twenty five dollars (25.00USD) will be deducted from your Deposit, unless we receive the Permit within one week of your departure.

Q. Do I have to bring toilet paper, linens, etc.?

A. The property will have the linens necessary and paper towels, toilet paper, and toilettes (for make-up removal) but all other consumables are your responsibility.